Mozilla User wrote:
First YouTube, then YahooMail, now I will soon no longer be able to track my 
through USPS using SeaMonkey.

When on the USPS using SeaMonkey, I get this message:
Alert: As of April 30, will no longer support outdated browsers. To 
access, you may need to upgrade your browser. Read more ›


I guess years of using the Mozilla Browser, and then SeaMonkey are about to 
come to an
end. I loved the idea of it and have been a loyal user for about 15 years, but 
now I guess
I need to switch to FireFox. It's just a pain in the neck to keep switching 
browsers for certain websites. I like having one browser for everything.

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Add a new UA string.
My SM works just fine.  YouTube works, YahooMail works.
More than likely my SM will continue to work with USPS.
I sent a package last week and have been tracking it.
I don't get the message that you get.
Please dump the virus spam advertising.

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