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For spoofing (and I do it a lot, for a number of reasons), my preference is to use an extension.  User Agent Switcher and PrefBar are both quite workable. Personally, I find PrefBar a little easier to use, and I also like some of the additional capacities that PrefBar gives me.

To me, the key thing about using an extension is that it allows me to change user agents on the fly, and then switch back to the standard one when the need has passed.  Besides the noted effect on user agent handling in the mail client, I sometimes may spoof more than one agent at a particular site -- I have an archive of downloaded software that I use for tech support, and some sites are aggressive about doing browser sniffing for what platform you're running, and then offering *only* the download that matches what they find.  Thus, running from Windows, if I want Mac or Linux versions, I have to spoof the UA.  UA spoofing is also good for testing my web site, particularly in verifying that the site is correctly rejecting bot traffic that displays UAs from browsers that were never valid -- on my site, I see a lot of traffic purporting to be from "Firefox 40.1".


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