From its link:

"... As of April 30, 2018, some features on® will not be compatible with past versions of browsers. Upgrade your preferred browser to the most current version to have uninterrupted access and protect yourself with the latest security updates."

Some features. So, overall older web browsers will still work. I wonder what features will not work in them like SeaMonkey, older Firefox (e.g., ESR).

On 4/15/2018 10:47 PM, Ant wrote:
Well, unsupported doesn't always mean blocked. Also, what about Firefox ESR versions? :/

On 4/14/2018 11:22 PM, Mozilla User wrote:
First YouTube, then YahooMail, now I will soon no longer be able to track my packages through USPS using SeaMonkey.

When on the USPS using SeaMonkey, I get this message:
Alert: As of April 30, will no longer support outdated browsers. To continue access, you may need to upgrade your browser. Read more ›


I guess years of using the Mozilla Browser, and then SeaMonkey are about to come to an end. I loved the idea of it and have been a loyal user for about 15 years, but now I guess I need to switch to FireFox. It's just a pain in the neck to keep switching between browsers for certain websites. I like having one browser for everything.-- --
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