[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Nils Erichson) writes:

> Hi
> today i installt freenet with the freenet-webinstaller.exe for windows.
> I installt also j2re.1-4_1;
> After the installig i look to the log an get this errors:
> freenet.BadAddressException: Bad tcp address: :62864
> There was an error determining this node's physical address(es).
> Please make sure <ipAddress> and <listenPort> are correctly set.
> Note that you may put a host name in the <ipAddress> field if you
> have a dynamic IP and are using a dynamic DNS service.
> I habe no ideas what i should do;
> thx
> Erichson

hmm, I have the feeling that your ipAddress is incorrectly set in your
config file.  Not being a windows user, I don't know how to use the
systray applet to fix this, but you should be able to find the text
"ipAddress=" in your freenet.conf file, and give it at least the name

Hope that fixes your problem,
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