i have still problems running freenet since several builds.
When i mailed last time, i thought it was my connection, but i found out that that was wrong.
My connection
ADSL 768/128
Network type:
TCP --- Router -- Moroz
The funny thing was that the computer tcp has no problems with running freenet and the computer moroz can't retrieve any data.
My System:
Athlon 1800+
256 DDR
NTFS Harddisk
WinXP Prof unpatched (i don't need patches since i'm behind a strong firewall[routing freenet ports] and i don't use Outlook & IE)
Java: 1.4.2_04-b05[Java HotSpot], but offline install, beta 1.5.0 etc dont change anything.
Freenet version:5074, unstable versions have the same problem.
Today i disconnected the router and connected this computer directly to the internet - i had the same problem, but when i did the same with the second machine, it had no problems.
I reinstalled my windows recently, i had that problem before and after the reinstall/reformat.
Other software I have currently running are MirandaIM and Netlimiter, I had the same problem before both apps were installed.
Upgrading the VM didnt do anything ... unfortunately.
Recently i got two such messages in the log:
23:05:08 State does not receive: freenet.Message: StoreData@(hopsSinceReset=0,requestsPerHour=399656,dataSource=tcp/iakin.dyndns.org:26828, sessions=1, presentations=3, ID=DSA(7f3a 5eec db54 57ee a534 8715 0928 d369 bf47 a9d0), version=Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.50,5075): java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: freenet.node.states.request.DataPending.receivedMessage(freenet.node.Node, freenet.message.StoreData) -
Got a really late DataReply. We really ought to cache it, on [EMAIL PROTECTED]: key=ea86ffcb41a41373f5d5ac68eb551c0745920f6f120302, hopsToLive=8, id=eb4927eb430c723f, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (ea86ffcb41a41373f5d5ac68eb551c0745920f6f120302,request), ft=freenet.client.InternalClient$InternalGetToken:[EMAIL PROTECTED],key=freenet:[EMAIL PROTECTED],OqU13PcsdBEp1eurTYopbg,skipBytes=0, orig=null, last=Peer [DSA(31fa 7ff4 bc44 fda7 77f4 cb08 077f fd65 0d3c 526c) @ (1/3)], routedTime=1048025154286, replyTime=-1, outwardSender=null
also i get
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