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> I've read that note about "try retrieving" the previous edition, but
> point me to the directions for doing THAT.  Thanks.

When the DNF page in recent stable builds of Freenet comes up for
a DBR site, it has a hyperlink on it which leads to yesterday's
edition.  You click it.

> What does DNF stand for?

Data Not Found.  Freenet's equivalent of an HTTP 404.

> > "?date=3D20030105" in the URL bar or something.
> I think I could handle the "or something" but is "?date=3D2--30105" a magic
> phrase.
> I have no idea what it stands for.

First of all, it means your mail client is broken.  There should not
be a "3D" after the "=".  It's just 2003 01 05 which means "January 5,
2003".  All together: ?date=20030105 (assuming your mail client doesn't
mangle it again).

I'll try to make sure mutt doesn't use quoted-printable encoding this
time, since that's probably what made your mail client barf.

I've snipped the rest of your message, since they weren't direct
questions that I can answer.  If you need more answers, be sure to
Cc the list this time, instead of just replying to me personally.

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