> > > "?date=3D3D20030105" in the URL bar or something.
> >=20
> > I think I could handle the "or something" but is "?date=3D3D2--30105" a
> agic
> > phrase.
> > I have no idea what it stands for.
> First of all, it means your mail client is broken.  There should not
> be a "3D" after the "=3D".  It's just 2003 01 05 which means "January 5,
> 2003".  All together: ?date=3D20030105 (assuming your mail client doesn't
> mangle it again).
Even better mangled this time.  The mail client is "earthlink.net" 's new
distribution.  It does let one use other browsers more easily now, but the
last time I tried to set up Mozilla for mail, it wanted my mail sytem to
have not used POP and it does so that pretty well confused that.  Actually
the last make of Mozilla seems to offer other options, but that was even
more confusing.  Oh, well...

P.S.:  Your reply was readible until I tried to send the reply.

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