Class Threads used
Checkpoint: Fetching ARK freenet:SSK 34
freenet.interfaces.LocalInterface$ConnectionShell 5

This is about thirty minutes after I overwhelmed my node by trying out Frost, 
and maxed out my process table. Build Number 554 CVS Revision

It appears that Fred is trying to catch up on all those ARK jobs that didn't 
get fired off because of being unable to spawn threads, and as a result 
recovery from an overload is taking a *LONG* time. 

Is there some configuration option I can use to a) help prevent overloads, and 
b) help recover from them faster? My main limitation is CPU, not memory. I 
have plenty of memory, but only a Pentium 166MMX CPU. Upgrading the CPU on my 
FreeNetmachine  is not practical (I'd basically need a new machine). I 
already bumped my max connections WAY down (to 10), which keeps my node from 
getting overloaded in normal use (i.e., just fetching stuff via port 8888), 
but Frost seems to utterly overwhelm it.


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