On Thursday 06 February 2003 01:32 pm, Jack D.Ripper wrote:
> On Thursday 06 February 2003 12:35 pm, Matthew Toseland wrote:
> > maximumThreads=60
> > defaultResetProbability=0.01
> I already had maximumThreads set at 50 (sorry I didn't mention that,
> there's so many configuration variables that I have fiddled with trying to
> tune this thing that I forget what I've done to what!). When Frost
> overloaded my node, it had *HUNDREDS* of threads open, though. How could
> that be?! (My node is running Mandrake 9.0 Linux, stock 2.4.19 kernel).
> I will add the defaultResetProbability line and see if that helps. Thanks,

Hmm, didn't help. maximumThreads set at 50, defaultResetProbability set at 
0.01, fired up Frost again, and here we go:

(from Environment screen)
Pooled Thread Consumers
Class Threads used
Checkpoint: Fetching ARK freenet:SSK 1
freenet.interfaces.LocalInterface$ConnectionShell 2
freenet.Message: ClientGet 11
freenet.OpenConnectionManager$ConnectionJob 69
freenet.node.states.request.RequestInitiator 9
Checkpoint: Native Filesystem Directory checkpoint 1
freenet.client.InternalClient$ClientMessageVector 2
freenet.Message: QueryRejected

Why do I have 69 Connectionjob threads when I have maximumThreads set at 50? 
It seems to me that this beast is initiating and accepting connections after 
it hits that limit! At the very least it should not be initiating connections 
after we hit maximumThreads, or assigning sockets to connections threads 
after we hit maximumThreads, right? Otherwise, what use is maximumThreads?!

Worse, this is actually *understimating* the number of threads outstanding.
ps -ax shows approximately 300 Java threads actually running! 

Something isn't getting throttled right. What now? 

Build Number 554 CVS Revision
Mandrake 9.0 Linux  stock 2.4.19 kernel

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