On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 12:14:13PM -0700, Jack D.Ripper wrote:
> Class Threads used
> Checkpoint: Fetching ARK freenet:SSK 34
> freenet.interfaces.LocalInterface$ConnectionShell 5
> freenet.OpenConnectionManager$ConnectionJob
> This is about thirty minutes after I overwhelmed my node by trying out Frost, 
> and maxed out my process table. Build Number 554 CVS Revision
> It appears that Fred is trying to catch up on all those ARK jobs that didn't 
> get fired off because of being unable to spawn threads, and as a result 
> recovery from an overload is taking a *LONG* time. 
> Is there some configuration option I can use to a) help prevent overloads, and 
> b) help recover from them faster? My main limitation is CPU, not memory. I 
> have plenty of memory, but only a Pentium 166MMX CPU. Upgrading the CPU on my 
> FreeNetmachine  is not practical (I'd basically need a new machine). I 
> already bumped my max connections WAY down (to 10), which keeps my node from 
> getting overloaded in normal use (i.e., just fetching stuff via port 8888), 
> but Frost seems to utterly overwhelm it.
maxConnections is ignored. maximumThreads is the relevant parameter.

> - JDR


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