Nicholas Sturm wrote:

Please provide reference to a good glossary.

I tried it (in a sandbox Linux account, which is absoltely the minimum
precaution anyone should take if running code downloaded from an
untrusted anonymous source) and it seems to work pretty nicely.

Is sandbox just Linux term or does it have broader application?

A "sandbox" is a area of limited functionality where one can control a programs behavior. Think of it more like a "jail". Java applets (web applets, not Freenet) run a in sandbox. This way, if the program is malicious (or badly written), it can't do any damage outside the "sandbox" (in theory, anyway). If a Java applet tries to do something not allowed by the security policy (write a file, open a network connection, change the security policy, etc), Java will raise an exception. Note the ActiveX controls do NOT run in a sandbox.

For Linux, there was a project, Subterfugue, which could create a "sandbox" for a program, but its not currently maintained. There is also User-mode Linux (UML), which lets you run Linux in Linux - everything run the the UML environment is "trapped" and can't do any damage outside its environment.
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