On Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 05:09:09PM -0500, Nicholas Sturm wrote:
> Please provide reference to a good glossary.
> >
> > I tried it (in a sandbox Linux account, which is absoltely the minimum
> > precaution anyone should take if running code downloaded from an
> > untrusted anonymous source) and it seems to work pretty nicely.
> Is sandbox just Linux term or does it have broader application?

It basically means a sort of virtual computer within the computer, the
idea being to limit the damage that can be done by untrusted code. An
example would be, if you download some software that might be useful but
you don't know whether it is safe, you might run it on a spare PC that
isn't connected to the others and doesn't do anything else. A sandbox
does the same thing but in software: you can run untrusted code, in a
box, where it can't inflict too much harm on the rest of the system.
User Mode Linux is a popular way to do this on linux, and is used for
some hosting systems. On Windows... VMWare would be an option, perhaps.
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