Toad <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 09:05:42AM +0000, Wayne McDougall wrote:

> Perhaps. That would also lead to high message send times though. Freenet
> needs to know what the limit is even if you use external limiting.

Fair enough. But given shared bandwidth needs shouldn't a node adapt. 
How quickly (if at all) does a node adapt to having less bandwidth than is
specified in the limits? How well does that work?

> > So I've been working towards a Linux traffic shaper that gives sets no 
> > on traffic with domestic IP addresses and limits international traffic
 so the
> > total monthly limit hits 5 Gb (my cap).
> HOW do you determine what is local? Freenet could maybe support this.

A list of IP blocks in CIDR notation. Which in turn is derived from
<a href="";>a
periodically updated list</a> - picking out my country gives my domestic
(zero bandwidth cost) IPs.

> Are you in Spain by any chance? The last poster on this topic was..

New Zealand. (Bang goes my anonymity). I think people (I use the word 
loosely) from Australia would have similar issues. And Spain. 

I watch (with envy) discussions on bandwidth and pricing and (sadly) I
think the world is moving more to caps (monthly limits) rather than open.
So I think that this is an area that Freenet should address at some time.
I'm biased of course. I'm also willing to help since I think you've
commented that you lack develoeprs living in a low bandwidth capped
environment. I don't know I can help much but the offer is there.

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