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> Ouch. Dual ISDN is the cheapest broadband available in your area? That's
> horrible. :).
> Ah, you're in NZ. Hence the cr*p bandwidth.

It is ADSL, but still 128/128. That's the only available broadband which is
at least close to uncapped bandwidth. At that speed you can get up to 10 Gb
of international traffic (and unlimited national traffic) per month.

The only other speed offering is 256/2000 but that starts with a monthly
0.6 Gb cap and price rises exponentially with linear increase in cap.

And the ADSL connection is only available from one monopolistic supplier.

Cable is only available in this hick town Wellington. No one lives there.

This information is provided solely for your amusement...we do have sheep
if that helps.

> Bandwidth isn't THAT expensive. People who want bandwidth will switch
> ISPs in a healthy market. I have been tempted by some DSL deals but
> unless Cable starts imposing and enforcing bandwidth limitations, I'm
> sticking to my cable modem for now. If they do, I'll take my business
> elsewhere, even if it means a different phone telco.

I somtimes think of moving to America just for bandwidth.

> Well, the difficulty at the moment is that low level bandwidth limiting
> is a bit of a mess. It would be possible to support multiple low level
> limits but it'd be a lot of work and a lot of debugging.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I understand it's a low priority and
difficult and of limited use. I'll just keep running my node in the hope it is
helpful overall.

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