On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 08:09:17AM +0100, Dave wrote:
> > > Bandwidth isn't THAT expensive. People who want bandwidth will switch
> > > ISPs in a healthy market. I have been tempted by some DSL deals but
> > > unless Cable starts imposing and enforcing bandwidth limitations, I'm
> > > sticking to my cable modem for now. If they do, I'll take my business
> > > elsewhere, even if it means a different phone telco.
> >
> > I somtimes think of moving to America just for bandwidth.
> You want to move to Japan instead.  100Mbits up, 100Mbits down DSL, for ~$70
> a month.

Surely that isn't unmetered? And even if it is, the contention on the
pipe to anywhere other than Japan must be humongous?
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