On Sunday 11 July 2004 10:58 pm, David Masover wrote:
> | not sure my archives even go back that far, but the basis for
> | choosing Java should be obvious; platform independence and a
> | rich API that comes standard with the language.
> As a purely academic argument, Parrot and .NET both do those things now,
> and an API doesn't seem like it'd help that much with Freenet.  It's not
> the interface that's broken.

So in 1999 what should have been chosen?  Neither Parrot nor .NET were even 
around.  Parrot itself is another virtual machine, being used for Perl6.  
And .NET is currently Microsoft specific, the GNU implementation Mono still 
far enough behind to be considered a stable platform on Unix, or even 
Windows itself.

Jay Oliveri
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