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Egbert van der Meer wrote:
> I have installed freenet several times but I can not get it running.
> The installation itself go's with no problem but I can not get anything
> from the network.
> An earlier version of frost also does not work since no messages are
> coming in.
> Also in fuquid no blocks are received at all.
> Also it fails to download any of the bookmarks on the home page.
> If you need any more detailed information in order to pin point the
> problem I would be glad to sent it to you.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance.
> E.vd Meer.

Ok, i'll give it a try...

1. Have you connected to any of your friends over freenet or (alternatively)
enabled connections to strangers?
2. Did you give your Freenet node a little time to run?
3. Fuqid no longer downloads anything, node does all the downloads and inserts,
Fuqid has been hacked to work with 0,7 but it is no longer really necessary.
4. What do you mean by "older version of Frost"? How much older?

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