Egbert van der Meer wrote:
> At the moment I am connected to 11 peers.
> Not only all the index pages failed to load but also my home page is 
> not correctly loaded.
> I.e.non of the pictures of the bookmarks apear.
> Also the index page I am trying to download does not refresch every 
> two seconds as usual.
> This as some aditional information about wat is (not) going on here...
 From this and also your last e-mail, looks to me like it's working. Let 
the node run as much as possible, ideally 24/7. Performance gets better 
with time.

Pictures on the bookmarks not showing up, I guess you mean activelinks? 
those small pictures by the side of each Freenet bookmark on the 'Browse 
Freenet' page?
Sometimes it takes time for those to load.
One of the major problems with Freenet is to get used to its speed (i.e. 
lack of thereof). Suggestion: open links in background tabs and read 
something else while they load.

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