I am wondering how long it should take to fill up the datastore of 100g that I 
setup? It has only filled up about 10g of the 50g (datastore half of 
datastore). This node has been running 24/7 for almost a year now with the 
setting of 100g for datastore. The connection speed is 100kB/sec up and down 
and it averages close to that. I rarely download anything from freenet, but 
shouldn't other peoples traffic cause my datastore to be filled up by a year 
of running at 100kB/sec!?

Is that normal that it is so incredibly under utilizing the space I have given 

Or is something wrong?
Should I nuke it and reinstall freenet completely? I don't want to try nuking 
it if it is just going to end up taking a year to build up to 10g again.

Thanks for any help.
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