On Friday 28 August 2009 02:51:23 test...@codingninjas.org wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> The cache (50g) portion of the datastore (100g) is indeed full. It has been 
> full for quite some time (not sure when it became full). It is the 'Store' 
> portion that is still only 22.0% (9.60GiB) full.
> I believe the average speed stated was usually around 85KiB/s. A lot of the 
> time I would check it it was in mid 90's. Never seen it below 60's for more 
> than a second and very rarely. By the way, just for your information: now 
> with 
> the new max connections change I only average 77.1KiB/sec. It was roughly 100 
> for a while at the beginning (I suppose before many others had updated to the 
> new build), but later that day was down below the 85 average I had before the 
> change and has settled at 77.1KiB/s.
> So anyways, I realize the cache fills up much faster than 'Store'. But I 
> assumed that at 85KiB/sec for a year, the 'Store' would be more full than 9.6 
> GiB. I am talking true 24/7, 99.9% uptime of freenet (only ever down to auto-
> restart after auto-update, or due to system updates on the system requiring 
> restart). And if it maters, the store was set at 100g from the beginning.
> If that is normal behavior, that is fine I guess, although I think should be 
> improved, as it means that vast amounts of storage space are being wasted on 
> the freenet. What I was more thinking is it has to be a problem with my store 
> perhaps due to it being a year old and thus converted from old versions who 
> knows how many times, and perhaps corrupt as a result?

No, it is expected behaviour. We will try to improve this at some point as 
clearly it is suboptimal. Thanks!

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