my name is adam and i believe in what you all are trying to
accomplish but there is some major things i ran into when i tried using ur
product. One thing i noticed was when i tried running it, it kept telling me
i needed java which i updated to the max. why it kept telling me i needed to
update it i have no idea. maybe you all can tell me why it still wouldnt
work even after i updated. my second concern is that its a little
complicated and throws alot at you when ur just a normal joe such as myself
when you first start up. when i started running the program it started
giving me all these messeges like im not running the right plug-ins right or
something along those lines. i didnt know what it was talking about or how
to fix um so me (bieng the average joe) would get frustrated and quit using
the program (like i did).

heres my idea,

            what if you guys didnt make it a web browser based program, like
frostwire, and gave it its own browser. a seprate browser only associated to
the program so it can be watched by the program. and the downloading client
would be much more like frostwire so were not trying to figure it out all
the time and we can enjoy your product better. so the program its self is
like frostwire but the browser is seprate when we wanna start surfing the
web. and the last thing is make all im gonna need to run the program be in
the file when im downloading it for the first time. so i have a once a time
setup then im done! quick and easy.

tryin to help you out because i believe in what yall are doing,

adam rush
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