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> Hello.
> I am having some problems as a newbie. Hope someone will help me
> out. They may seem clear and simple to others but they are not to
> me. Sorry 'bout that.
> Freenet tells me it is trying to connect to my external IP and that
> I can use the Temporary IP Address hint. How?
> What is it I am supposed enter in that window and where do I find
> that information?
> Also, it tells me to forward three ports. Again, how does one do
> such a thing? I've never forwarded a port or an email so I need
> help here also.
> It also informs me that I am using a node or version, (0.7.0) that
> is horribly old and I should update. I have tried in the
> configurations drop down and it says configurations are
> successfully changed but I don't know if that is in fact the
> correct update. It still tells me each time I go to Freenet that my
> node is very, very old. HELP!
> Lastly, how does one go about finding "friends" on Freenet or
> Frost. It says to only connect to "friends" but I don't know anyone
> using Freenet or Frost. I am in a country that blocks many sites. I
> think the most in the world, so any real help would be greatly
> appreciated. It would be so nice to be able to talk with someone
> about different things while learning more about Freenet and Frost
> and how to use them to achieve the best safety and anonymity one
> can.
> Thanks again.

The update that Freenet is referring to is changing the version of the
software to a newer one; this is not the same thing at all as changing
configuration settings.  Freenet should be able to update itself, but
first you need to get it connected.

On the stats page (found at ), you can
find how many peers you are connected to (under the "peer statistics"
box, count both "connected" and "backed off" peers).  This number
should be greater than zero, but I suspect that in your case it is

When Freenet says you should connect to friends, it means that
literally.  Friends are people you know and trust; you get them by
talking to people.  They can be people you know in real life or from
the Internet, but they should be real people you know and trust.
Freenet does not have any special meaning for the word that's
different than the ordinary one.

Most people don't know anyone using Freenet, and so can't connect to
Friends.  That's fine, Freenet can still work, but it is less secure.
Your node (ie the copy of the Freenet software that you are running)
needs to talk to other nodes; these nodes are the ones most able to
figure out what you are doing.  If you don't know anyone running
Freenet, then those nodes will be run by strangers; that's fine, but
obviously less secure.

Because of the reduced security inherent in letting your Freenet node
talk to strangers, Freenet requires explicit confirmation that this is
ok.  That's what the security level settings are for; in order to use
opennet (allowing your node to talk to strangers), which is the only
way to run Freenet if you don't have any friends using it, you need to
go to the security levels config page ( ) and set the level for "Protection
against a stranger attacking you over the Internet" to "Normal".

If you had set that level to High previously, it would cause (some of
the) problems you are seeing.  Was that the case?  Does changing it

The IP address and port forwarding problems are a bit technical.  For
the first, go to a site like http://www.whatismyip.com/ and type the
number it gives you into the IP Address Hint box.

For port forwarding, you'll need to go to the configuration options
for your router or firewall; this may be a separate physical box, or
it may be integrated into your cable / dsl modem.  It should have come
with instructions on how to get to the configuration page.  Follow
those, and forward the ports as requested by Freenet.  If you're using
a software firewall, the same basic procedure applies.  If you need
more detailed help than that, I suggest looking up port forwarding on
Google, or asking for more info here.

Evan Daniel
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