On Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:38:47 +0700, l...@hushmail.com wrote:
> On  Thu, 08 Oct 2009 19:04:34 +0700, Evan Daniel wrote:
> Please send replies to the support list; it makes it easier for 
> others
> to help with the problem, and for anyone with the same problem to 
> see
> the answer.  (Unless, of course, you're sending info you'd like 
> kept
> private.)    
> Sorry about that. I will post to support from now on and thank you 
> for directing me to the proper procedures. I like that. 
> I think I'm sort of averaging around 8-10 peers. I accidentally 
> clicked something and it opened a separate tab showing "connected   
>  and one "busy". This was with a total of 19 peers at the time.
> I don't know about this next thing. 
> The Freenet Installer icon was on my desktop. I just put it into a 
> folder. When I opened the folder to look at it (for no good 
> reason), there was the icon with these words;  Freenet Installer-
> 1233.
> The Freenet page that opens says 1236. Like I said, I downloaded a 
> new one yesterday but it's called, "freenet-0.7.0-rc1.new-install. 
> The site said it was the latest.
> That doesn't look like the latest to me.
> I have found Build 1236 and will install it.

Out of curiosity, where are you finding all these old builds? It didn't
occur to you to visit http://freenetproject.org > Download? :P

> How do I uninstall Freenet 1233, Freemail, Frost etc.?

If there is no "uninstall" shortcut in your start menu, or if it
doesn't appear in the "Add/Remove Programs" thingy, simply delete the
directories -- cuz, clearly they were installed manually, and thus
didn't make any additional registry changes nor added any other files
in other system folders.

> I am not a command line person but have tried several things.
> 'cmd' and then tried to go to the Freenet directory or folder to 
> change what others have suggested. I also tried 'promt', then 
> typing in the path but can't get past this message:
> C:\Program\Files\Freenet\ is not recognized as an internal or 
> external command operable program or batch file.

The name of the directory is "Program Files" ... note the space, and
not a "Files" subdirectory within "C:\Program".

> Anyway, I'm about fed up with it. I keep searching but cannot find 
> anything that tells me 'how' to do certain things. The instructions
> only say this is what one needs to do. I repeat, I need to know 
> "how".
> My best bet seems to be completely uninstalling it all so please 
> some-anyone, does that also mean Java or will that uninstall with a 
> Freenet uninstall?

No. Java is almost certainly a separate package that is used for lots
of other different things (unfortunately ;b).

> If uninstall goes successfully I intend to install again, but do I 
> install Thunderbird before or after Freemail?

It doesn't matter :P. But to add/access your Freemail account info
(ie. your new shiny localhost imap and smtp freemail server), obviously
you'll need to have Freemail running (either as a standalone Java
process, or as a plugin if you put Freemail.jar in freenet's plugins/
subdirectory, or as a plugin if you add it somehow via freenet's fproxy
web interface in the Plugins tab.)

> Does Frost come after Freenet? I am assuming so on both counts but
> assuming isn't for sure.

Yes. Freenet is like the transport/storage layer, and Frost is like a
download manager that sits on top of that layer. Same with Freemail --
it uses Freenet's transport layer to distribute email.

> Okay. I'll take some more deep breaths. 

:D. That always helps.

> Thanks every-anyone.
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