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> On  Thu, 08 Oct 2009 19:04:34 +0700, Evan Daniel wrote:
> Please send replies to the support list; it makes it easier for
> others
> to help with the problem, and for anyone with the same problem to
> see
> the answer.  (Unless, of course, you're sending info you'd like
> kept
> private.)
> Sorry about that. I will post to support from now on and thank you
> for directing me to the proper procedures. I like that.
> I think I'm sort of averaging around 8-10 peers. I accidentally
> clicked something and it opened a separate tab showing "connected
>  and one "busy". This was with a total of 19 peers at the time.

If it's showing that, then you have a sufficiently recent version of
Freenet running, and it is almost certainly running without any major
network problems.

Are you still having problems with warnings about updating?

> I don't know about this next thing.
> The Freenet Installer icon was on my desktop. I just put it into a
> folder. When I opened the folder to look at it (for no good
> reason), there was the icon with these words;  Freenet Installer-
> 1233.
> The Freenet page that opens says 1236. Like I said, I downloaded a
> new one yesterday but it's called, "freenet-0.7.0-rc1.new-install.
> The site said it was the latest.
> That doesn't look like the latest to me.
> I have found Build 1236 and will install it.
> How do I uninstall Freenet 1233, Freemail, Frost etc.?
> I am not a command line person but have tried several things.
> 'cmd' and then tried to go to the Freenet directory or folder to
> change what others have suggested. I also tried 'promt', then
> typing in the path but can't get past this message:
> C:\Program\Files\Freenet\ is not recognized as an internal or
> external command operable program or batch file.

You're probably looking for the command "cd" as in "cd c:\program
files\".  Or, more generally:

> Anyway, I'm about fed up with it. I keep searching but cannot find
> anything that tells me 'how' to do certain things. The instructions
> only say this is what one needs to do. I repeat, I need to know
> "how".

In general, when the Freenet documentation doesn't explain the
details, that's because it's a normal part of using your computer that
is not specific to Freenet.  For example, uninstalling is done through
the control panel on Windows, apt on Debian, emerge on Gentoo, and
other methods on other OSes.  That means that googling for general
instructions on how to do such things on your computer will help.

Evan Daniel
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