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>On Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:38:47 +0700, l...@hushmail.com wrote:
Out of curiosity, where are you finding all these old builds? It 
>occur to you to visit http://freenetproject.org > Download? :P

First, thanks for your help. Actually it did occur to me to go to 
Freenetproject.org. That's how I found them. Now, I may have taken 
the wrong path from there but that is where I started.
>> How do I uninstall Freenet 1233, Freemail, Frost etc.?
>If there is no "uninstall" shortcut in your start menu, or if it
>doesn't appear in the "Add/Remove Programs" thingy, simply delete 
>directories -- cuz, clearly they were installed manually, and thus
>didn't make any additional registry changes nor added any other 
>in other system folders.
>> I am not a command line person but have tried several things.
>> 'cmd' and then tried to go to the Freenet directory or folder to 

>> change what others have suggested. I also tried 'promt', then 
>> typing in the path but can't get past this message:
>> C:\Program\Files\Freenet\ is not recognized as an internal or 
>> external command operable program or batch file.
>The name of the directory is "Program Files" ... note the space, 
>not a "Files" subdirectory within "C:\Program
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