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> Hello people.
> I have these "peers" and they are "connected". I am assuming
> "connected" to me in some manner.
> In order to connect to them, I have to give them something, and/or
> get something from them.
> Where, no, how do I find their info in order to connect?
> I know I can send my noderef but where do I find theirs?
> Also, the message in the window mentions using a certain port. I
> think it says something like UDP but since I don't have that page
> open please forgive me if I got the letters wrong.
> SIGH! Again, it mentions forwarding this port and I cannot seem to
> understand how to do this.

You already have everything you need to connect to them.  You can tell
because you're connected to them.  Similarly, they have everything
they need.

There are plenty of people who can do a better job than I explaining
how to forward a port.  Some of them have done so on this mailing
list; some of those, recently.  I suggest checking the list archives.
Alternately, google can help:

Evan Daniel
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