Ichi wrote:
> First, I appreciate that Matthew had to "ban" Toni.  Open discussion
> of Freenet documents is just plain stupid, for obvious reasons.
> Second, I'm sure that Freenet and this list are already illegal in
> many countries. If Freenet ever becomes popular, it will undoubtedly
> become illegal everywhere, more or less.

Well, BitTorrent is heavily used for illegal filesharing, but the clients 
(uTorrent, Azureus, etc) and the technology itself are legal. When the 
copyright industry tries to shut BitTorrent filesharing down, they target 
websites that list illegal torrents. I doubt the industry will be able to 
criminalise the use of any piece of filesharing software as long as it has 
legitimate uses.

In the case of Freenet, it doesn't seem practical to go after individual 
filesharers, so the entertainment industry will likely direct legal actions 
against the developers. Perhaps one day the current developers will have to 
abandon the project and new ones will have to take over - who will only be 
known by their Freenet identities?

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