I found that Freenet (Build #1239) happily expands the datastore over
the configured size limit. (Disk space is the limit...)

This leads to very interesting behaviour when the file system gets full
and I would like your help to solve the following two issues:

1) Error message on all pages:
The auto-updater may have been compromised! We have turned it off for
now, please click for more details.
The auto-updater has been disabled. This might be because of a local
problem, such as running out of disk space, or the auto-updating system
may have been compromised. The reason is: Permanent error fetching
revocation (error inserting the revocation key?):
FetchException:Temporary files error:null:-1:null:false:null:Failed to
close binary blob stream: java.io.IOException: No space left on device.
[Bug 2: there is no link to click on at all...]

2) Error message on the file sharing pages:
Internal error
Internal error
Return to queue page.
[The "queue page" gives this error message too]
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