On Thu, 24 Dec 2009 23:03:25 +0100, SmallSister development wrote:
> Dennis Nezic wrote:
> > On Thu, 24 Dec 2009 13:28:36 +0100, SmallSister development wrote:
> >> 2) Error message on the file sharing pages:
> >> Internal error
> >> Internal error
> >> Return to queue page.
> >> [The "queue page" gives this error message too]
> > 
> > I have posted about this bug as far back as June 12th '09, with
> > freenet version 1216 and probably earlier -- basically ever since
> > the db40 thing was merged :P. Toad flippantly suggested it was my
> > "flaky hardware" (raid 5 software array) or a bug in the db40
> > libraries. But the regularity of these errors (I still get them
> > from time to time, and have to delete my node.db4o) makes me
> > surmise otherwise.
> The error disappeared when I freed some disk space... And I got the
> data store shrunk by resizing it; it is at 40% use now. I'll clean
> out temp files and node.db4o once the downloads have completed.

Interesting. Come to think of it, I also run pretty low on free
diskspace ... 99% disk usage (of over 1tb) not being uncommon ...
although that should still leave several gigs free. But, it's also
interesting that you didn't have to delete your node.db4o file to get
rid of the "Internal error".
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