Freenet 0.7.5 build 1247 is now available. This is a slight bugfix to build 
1246, which is also new today. Major changes:
- The web-pushing branch is merged, but is off by default. To try it out, 
enable javascript and then enable web pushing. It is known to be somewhat 
buggy, and won't become default for some time, but it's easier to have it 
in-tree. Various bugs were fixed as a result of the merge.
- Plugins are cleanly shut down during node shutdown. This is important for 
Freetalk and for any other plugin with a database.
- Various translation updates.

Please upgrade! Please report bugs to either the support mailing list or the 
bug tracker at . You may also be able to 
contact developers via e.g. Freetalk, although that is likely to be disrupted 
soon with a content reset (due to changing the on-network name to no longer be 

sashee (web-pushing branch)

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