Dennis Nezic wrote:
On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 23:56:46 -0400, Dennis Nezic wrote:
Is it possible to explicitly state the compression used with GETCHK or
GETCHKFILE or GETCHKDDIR from telnet? (I don't think these commands
are even possible in fproxy -- getting chk keys without inserting?)

When inserting files via fproxy, I think you have to explicitly decide
whether to compress or not, but that would easily lead to a different
chk key for the same file, if the GETCHK* commands don't do the same

Oh, why do we have arbitrary compression anyways, btw? :) (Arbitrary
because there is no explicit standard in the specs, as far as I know,
which can easily lead to completely different CHKs for the same file
across different versions, if the settings are even slightly changed
(ie. slightly different compression algorithm/level, or threshold for
using it, or explicit user choice, etc.)) Is the massive computer and
time overhead really necessary to reduce filesizes by 1%? (I assume
jpeg and zip and mpeg4 etc compression algorithms are already good
enough? And why the heck is all this massive overhead done THREE
times? Are gzip bzip and lzma really all /that/ different??)

This question is being asked over and over and over again, mostly by the people who don't bother look for the answer (in the future please at least say that you didn't look for it).

Think about the implications of 1% in the network that does not do path folding? This is 1% on every download by every person that goes out multiple hops. So you will be downloading 1% more, but your node will also have to carry 1% more from all the traffic that comes through it. This will also amount to the constant garbage flood attack on the network equivalent to 1% of all the data that is currently being inserted, pushing more content off the network, causing people to retry, and then reinsert more often (with the effects discussed above).

In addition to all that, the truth of the matter is that the CPU time is very cheap when it is compared to the network latency.

And as for the reason why there's no standard so far, it's probably because things are still being tweaked.

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