>From my understanding, there is a fundamental flaw in p2p technologies like 
>Freenet for those that want to deploy in highly-censored countries. That is, 
>it's too obvious. The censor doesn't have to know what's being transmitted, 
>only that /something/ is that's outside of their control. All they have to do 
>is disallow the ports on which the technology runs. Torrenters can at least 
>get around this by changing the port they're using; Freenet has no such option.

>From my understanding of internet communication protocols, the use of udp is 
>too obvious; it stands out like a sore thumb. Why not tunnel the connection 
>over tcp? Wouldn't that prevent potential censors from differentiating it from 
>the rest of transmitted data? As well, wouldn't it solve the closed ports 

I'm sure some of my conclusions are based off of an incomplete understanding of 
the technologies involved, but I couldn't think of a better way to find out 
than to put my ideas out there.
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