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Is there any way to create a darknet comprising nodes that all see the
internet through VPN tunnels with no port forwarding?  I'm pretty sure
that the answer is "no".  Or, at least, I haven't managed it so far.

Yes, it's possible. One of the main way that Internet connections are
created in Russia are to create a network connection to your ISP and
then they give you VPN access that actually takes you to the internet.
There's no problem running Freenet over such a setup.

Thanks, Volodya.  Briefly, here's what I did.  Using VirtualBx, I
created a Ubuntu Lucid VM, installed OpenVPN and XeroBank credentials,
and made three clones.  I then booted each VM, and established the VPN,
ensuring that each had a distinct IP address.

Finally, I installed Freenet on each, in darknet mode, and "introduced"
each node to the other three as instructed.  But they didn't connect to
each other.  As a control, I put one of them in opennet mode, and it
immediately established many connections.



The problem could be that you needed to enable allowing connections to
the local network addresses, and before the exchange you needed to turn
on including local address in the noderef.

              -- Volodya

Thanks -- and I don't want them to connect locally.  I want them to
connect only via each VM's VPN, as if they were far apart.  Although I
was testing this with four VMs running on one host, for actual
implementation the VMs would be in multiple locations.

There's a difference between running locally and connecting via local ip address range. I'm not sure how you set up the address alocation for the different virtual machines, but i guess that the ip addresses would fall within LAN address lange.

                 - Volodya

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