I have installed Freenet (0.7.5 version #1296 rbuild01296 Freenet-ext version 
#26 r23771) running on Vista 32 and it seemed to be working OK. I mean I have a 
node ID and I can navigate and download from FMS with no problem. However, when 
I try to send a message to a forum ("Test" as a matter of fact...), it does 
appear in the "inserted" list, but NOT on the forum itself afterwards (even 
after more than 24 h)... 
I also have the same problem with Frost. If I post to a board ("Newbie-help 
would you believe..) my message stalls in the outbox until a message states 
that it was not possible to send it. Also, may be for the same reason, all of 
the boards indicated in the left window show 0 messages. If i click on any of 
them, nothing happens, even I if I hit "refresh"... For information, when I 
installed Frost I checked the box running "Freenet .05" instead of .07 because 
I am on Opennet and not Darknet.. 
Many many thanks if you can help me.
by the way, same thing with Thaw... No messages sent nor received..
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