On 28.10.2010 13:15, Guillaume LEROY wrote:
I have installed Freenet (0.7.5 version #1296 rbuild01296Freenet-ext version #26
r23771) running on Vista 32 and it seemed to be working OK. I mean I have a node
ID and I can navigate and download from FMS with no problem. However, when I try
to send a message to a forum ("Test" as a matter of fact...), it does appear in
the "inserted" list, but NOT on the forum itself afterwards (even after more
than 24 h)...
I also have the same problem with Frost. If I post to a board ("Newbie-help
would you believe..) my message stalls in the outbox until a message states that
it was not possible to send it. Also, may be for the same reason, all of the
boards indicated in the left window show 0 messages. If i click on any of them,
nothing happens, even I if I hit "refresh"... For information, when I installed
Frost I checked the box running "Freenet .05" instead of .07 because I am on
Opennet and not Darknet..
Many many thanks if you can help me.
by the way, same thing with Thaw... No messages sent nor received..

It is possible that the board you were sending on frost is under a DoS attack, this may prevent the message from being inserted.

As for FMS, it's some weird WoT thing, you many need to rate some people's trust lists up or something in order to see your own messages.

              - Volodya

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