Yes, there is a lot more to this networking stuff than I ever imagined.  I
made the above changes per the comments below and 12 hours later, no
improvement :-(
At this point I need to determine if the problem is with Freenet, my router
or firewall.  I can turn off the firewalls and at least eliminate that
possibility.  Thanks.


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Subject: [freenet-support] RE: Route Not Found error

> REF: Freenet 0.7.5 Build 1308
> Running on Win Xp Home SP3
> Running behind a Motorola SBG900 Modem / Wireless Router NAT
> Dear Support:
> I installed Freenet 24 hours ago and continue to get the Route Not Found
> error.  
> ...
> (2)  I know nothing about forwarding ports, but I set 8888 as the start
> port and 46185 as the end port - traffic is allowed both ways.

This might be the problem:

- on port 8888, the internal http server is running on your PC 
("localhost" ip adress; this port need/must not be forwarded 
on the router

Okay... have fixed.

- if 46185 is the port that freenet says it's running opennet on, THIS 
(and only this) port has to be forwarded from the router to the PC 
(check that you're using the correct local IP, like or 
something .. you find it e.g. in the status report of your ethernet 
network connection or by typing "ipconfig" in the command line window.

The port forwarding config on the router for HTTP requires a start port, and
end port, and the local IP.  I've used port 80 and 46185 and have set the
local ip.

- do not use trigger ports: port triggering implies that the ports are 
closed after a time again - you want the port constantly open for 
freenet (you're running a server, after all!)

Yeah... good point.  I've removed all port triggering.

All in all - read up the wiki pages and your router manual thoroughly 
As at part of the wiki isn't an easy read, I would give you a link to 
easy-to-understand networking basics, yet, I don't have one at hand 
atm., sorry.


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