On Tuesday 15 Feb 2011 19:14:08 Dave U. Random wrote:
> Seen on 0.5

People still use 0.5? I wonder if anyone has volunteered to provide security 
> >
> >Toad is still in the same mood.  The network has been screwed for months
> >and gets worse each update - currently about 3 per day.  

This is partially true. However there has been significant progress on 
announcement and UOM towards the end of last week. The UOM may help to bring 
back a significant proportion of the lost nodes, which I believe to be old 
forgotten nodes with update enabled but for which it was failing due to bugs 
introduced around the time of the new packet format changes.

> >Every non-pedo
> >board on 0.7.5 has been DOS-ed out of commission, or is the target of a
> >spam bot.  There is currently no content available outside of cp.  Three
> >thousand nodes have been shut down in recent weeks.

I do not care about Frost. Frost is broken by design, and is therefore 
deprecated, period. Use FMS or Freetalk. If you don't like the negative trust 
issues with FMS and Freetalk, write a patch to only do positive trust. IMHO it 
would be fairly easy.

Whoever is doing the DoS probably leaves out the pedo boards on purpose...
> Is this even remotely true?  Has 0.7.5 been losing large numbers of nodes?

Have a look at the graphs.
> If so, I'm not surprised at that, only that it's taken this long.

No, it has nothing to do with Frost suckage. It was a specific event around 
December/January that we are recovering from. (Before that we saw slow growth). 
It was probably due to bugs and performance problems when introducing new 
disruptive code - specifically the new packet format code, which was necessary 
due to both polling issues and new load management issues, but which we have 
still not fully sorted out.,BYyqgAtc9p0JGbJ~18XU6mtO9ChnBZdf~ttCn48FV7s,AQACAAE/graphs/1035/,VGDItiCVzCcWAay51faZzcIfAepzeHpzXYvChlueWYE,AQACAAE/stats/1347/

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