On 04-04-15 08:04, John Pinkman wrote:
> I am trying to upload one larger file (few GB), and there is no progress. It 
> says STARTING as a status, and it stays this way for hours.
> I tried from VPN, and from regular wifi on different OS, same result. Tor, 
> and torrent client all work fine, but freenet just doesn't work.
> There are no error or log messages, it doesn't say what is the problem. I 
> suspect that Freenet expects open ports, or UPnP? It should be able to work 
> without inbound connections.
> Any idea what is going wrong?

Hi John,

Freenet does indeed expect some ports to be forwarded, and may use UPnP
(using the UPnP plugin) to open them for you. At least one end of each
node-to-node link should have its ports forwarded for a connection to
succeed. If you are connected to enough peers, you should be fine. To
rule out any weird connectivity issues, please check if you are able to
retrieve any Freenet page at all (I suggest you try some of the default
bookmarks). If so, your connectivity is not to blame.

Inserting files into Freenet is slow, expect it to take quite some time
for large files. The speed at which you are able to upload depends on
your configured bandwidth limit, your actual internet connection
bandwidth, as well as the number of peers you are connected to and their

I'm not entirely sure about the exact semantics of the "starting"
status. Note however that Freenet only updates the progress of an insert
after a certain amount of data has been inserted, you might just have to
wait a bit longer.

If your problems persist, please also indicate the number of peers you
are connected to, and please report which Freenet version you are using.

Thank you for running Freenet!

-- Bert

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