On 17-05-15 15:14, oscar1...@anche.no wrote:
> How to fix java.io.IOException: Cannot run program
> "/usr/local/Freenet/bin/install_updater.sh":java.io.IOException:
> error=13, Permission denied ?

Please elaborate:
- Where did you see this error message?
- What where you trying to accomplish when you received the error message?
- What did you expect to happen instead?
- What happened after you dismissed the error, if anything?

My guess would be that you were trying to install Freenet through the
installer, and that it failed half-way yielding the mentioned error
message, instead of properly finishing the installation.

To further assist in tracking down the source of your problems, please
include the output of the following command, right after you receive the
error message:

ls -ld /usr/local/Freenet/bin /usr/local/Freenet/bin/*

The above command lists the file permission information on several files
related to the installation of Freenet.

— Bert

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