would it help if i put  freenet on an external hdd,  brand new nothing  has
been on it,  formatting it now, the idea in my mind is getting it away from
my os, im still getting the javaio eofexception,  i have uninstalled and
deleted all freenet files reinstalled it and left all the settings default
except the amount of datastore i kept that at 100 gig,    I am sorry i was
/ am a jerk,  not trying to be just want this to work,  please help
On May 19, 2015 12:10 PM, "Dave Larsen" <hoppameiste...@gmail.com> wrote:

> i have done everything ppl have asked of me and nothing has worked,  i
> heard of this and thought this is where i need to be,  but im having
> nothing but issues when ive seen stuff downloaded,  and was told it came
> from freenet,  i have had it set at all defaults and still got the same
> issues  as i did after i messed with the settings,  my speed rose and my
> peers rose but error upon error after dl stuff i have givin all my info  to
> several "help"  people such as yourself and i keep on getting the same
> answers,  or useless info, why cant  i get this to work right, but im
> trying what you asked vicktor hopefully its a thanx,  if not ill be asking
> for more help,  im not trying to be rude i have anger issues that i cant
> control i just want this to work thats why i get so upset, i did apologize
> several times too but if i cant get this going right there mite be more of
> my anger coming out to you, i dont want that, you all dont want that so
> please just real useful info that works,  thats all im aaking, i cant help
> it if i get mad, i have mental  issues so help the disabled rather than
> shun them please please please, im trying to be good and nice and am
> asking, as i have the whole time,  by me capping everything was just so you
> all may be able to read and figure  out what  i need to do, im sorry that
> was wrong i just dont want to be trying to enjoy  freenet,  i want to enjoy
> it,
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