I'd like to migrate the structure and content of my current business
website over to the Freenet.  What are the steps of this process, would I
have a different web address if I want to maintain the same domain name,
and what is the cost of maintaining a site with 1,000 webpages and more
than 10GB of content?  I noticed that the homepage of the Freenet mentions
not needing servers, but where is the data stored?  On my own computer?  I
want to ensure that my site will stay up, and third parties won't mess up
my hard work (like hosts have in the past, changing the interface and
programming associated with my sites (more like illogically destroying the
interface's reliability and with no notice to the end users), thus making
maintaining my sites impossible).
Thanks for your time and help, and hat's off to you for your Freenet

Best Regards,

Austin Bunton, USMC
+1 406.581.2781
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