Bert Massop writes:

> I would say that Freenet is not suited to your use case. Let me
> provide you with some basic understanding of how Freenet works.
> On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 4:52 AM, Austin Bunton <> wrote:
>> I'd like to migrate the structure and content of my current business website
>> over to the Freenet.  What are the steps of this process, would I have a
>> different web address if I want to maintain the same domain name,
> Websites (freesites) on Freenet can only be accessed by those using
> Freenet themselves, and are not accessible from the "normal" internet
> without installing additional software.

An exception to this are websites which access the content inside
Freenet and provide it to the user. There are currently two examples of

-, a website backed by Freenet:
- a generic in-proxy, allowing access to some sites in Freenet:

The first example means that even if your domain name should be
unavailable for any reason, people can keep accessing your website over
Freenet. For example when you run Freenet, the bluishcoder-site is also
available via the link,8hL85otZBbq0geDsSKkBK4sKESL2SrNVecFZz9NxGVQ,AQACAAE/bluishcoder/-28/

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