I would say that Freenet is not suited to your use case. Let me
provide you with some basic understanding of how Freenet works.

On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 4:52 AM, Austin Bunton <austinbun...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd like to migrate the structure and content of my current business website
> over to the Freenet.  What are the steps of this process, would I have a
> different web address if I want to maintain the same domain name,

Websites (freesites) on Freenet can only be accessed by those using
Freenet themselves, and are not accessible from the "normal" internet
without installing additional software. As such, domain names are
irrelevant on Freenet. We address content by "key", which is a
cryptographically derived value, similar to the way Bitcoin uses
"addresses" to identify wallets.

> and what
> is the cost of maintaining a site with 1,000 webpages and more than 10GB of
> content?  I noticed that the homepage of the Freenet mentions not needing
> servers, but where is the data stored?  On my own computer?

Content is spread in small encrypted pieces over the computers of all
of Freenet's users. One can upload content into Freenet, where it
stays available for as long as it stays popular, even when the
uploader disconnects from the network.

> I want to
> ensure that my site will stay up, and third parties won't mess up my hard
> work (like hosts have in the past, changing the interface and programming
> associated with my sites (more like illogically destroying the interface's
> reliability and with no notice to the end users), thus making maintaining my
> sites impossible).

All uploaded content is signed such that it cannot be tampered with:
as such, all data in Freenet is static (although we have mechanisms
for updating data). That is safe, but it also means that dynamic
websites are not possible on Freenet, unless additional plugins or
external programs are used to provide any such functionality.

> Thanks for your time and help, and hat's off to you for your Freenet
> milestones.
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