Hayley Rosenblum:
> Hello,
> I am a law intern at Rosenblum, Schwartz, Rogers, & Glass, P.C. in St.
> Louis, MO. As a criminal defense firm, we have recently been hired for a
> Possession of Child Pornography case. According to the police report , a
> special investigator began running copies of Freenet that had been modified
> for law enforcement to log the IP address, key, and date, and time of
> requests that were sent to these law enforcement Freenet nodes which were
> then compared to keys of known child pornography. The special investigator
> observed an IP address routing/and or requesting suspected child
> pornography file blocks. The special investigation noted that the number
> and timing of the request was significant enough to indicate that the IP
> address was the apparent original requester of the file.

These two files may be of assistance [0][1], and I believe the developer
volunteer by the name of ArneBab on FMS has posted a correction to the
math used by LEA in regards to their black ice project [2]. Maybe try
contacting them.

> We have doubts about the legitimacy of this based off some brief research
> we have done on Freeness and how it works. Is there anyone I could contact
> to discuss having a Freenet employee/specialist to review the search
> warrant and police report and/or potentially hire as an expert witness. If
> so, how much would you charge for that?

Due to Freenet being volunteer run we do not have any employees
currently, you can maybe contact some of the core developers and see if
they will be willing to do the work required to be an expert witness. I
assume most do not live near the court house so they might ask for
accommodations and financial compensation for the time they use not
working their normal jobs. Outside of that I assume you can always
donate to the Freenet project so we can hire an employee who then can be
tasked with helping you.

Clearnet Tor and Freenet links

[0] Clearnet

[0] Tor link

[0] Frennet,iqKClogwL6uLAFdxB6uxQQnA2ZNeyJ3hXW2sIJmx9aE,AAMC--8/Freenet%20Investigations%20White%20Paper%20-Black%20Ice%20%20%28090413%29.pdf

[1] Tor Link

[1] Clearnet

[1] Freenet,zldlhl2CRhOgrK6dQP1dNWtwMlNrchlb6Oc-Kucpc04,AAMC--8/Freenet_Investigations_PPT.pdf

[2] Clearnet

[2] Freenet
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