Op 25 jul. 2016 22:03 schreef "Steve Dougherty" <st...@asksteved.com>:

> Now addressing others on the list: I note an ethical dilemma here. It may
well be that the accused is guilty of the things they are accused of, and
invalidating this presumably-mistaken search warrant would allow them to go
free. That said, do we want to resist the application of flawed statistics
in prosecuting Freenet users? I'm leaning toward probably. Selectively
assisting in fighting search warrants that seem invalid also seems
unethical. Are we obligated to help?

I do think that at least morally, we are obligated to help in reviewing the
technical legitimacy of relevant evidence against a user of Freenet.

For myself I'd rather ignore what the bigger picture is in this case, but
focus on the technicalities instead (such as possibly a case of a law
enforcement agency misusing statistics on Freenet against one of the
software's users).

>From what I read from Hayley's message, this is exactly what has been
requested so far.

I am willing to assist any other volunteer in reviewing said
technicalities, but I would not feel comfortable doing that on my own (for
I am just another volunteer who does not necessarily know about every
single aspect of Freenet).

> On Mon, Jul 25, 2016, 2:33 PM Hayley Rosenblum <hrose...@slu.edu> wrote:
>> We have doubts about the legitimacy of this based off some brief
research we have done on Freeness and how it works. Is there anyone I could
contact to discuss having a Freenet employee/specialist to review the
search warrant and police report and/or potentially hire as an expert
witness. If so, how much would you charge for that?
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