I am a law intern at Rosenblum, Schwartz, Rogers, & Glass, P.C. in St.
Louis, MO. As a criminal defense firm, we have recently been hired for a
Possession of Child Pornography case. According to the police report , a
special investigator began running copies of Freenet that had been modified
for law enforcement to log the IP address, key, and date, and time of
requests that were sent to these law enforcement Freenet nodes which were
then compared to keys of known child pornography. The special investigator
observed an IP address routing/and or requesting suspected child
pornography file blocks. The special investigation noted that the number
and timing of the request was significant enough to indicate that the IP
address was the apparent original requester of the file.

We have doubts about the legitimacy of this based off some brief research
we have done on Freeness and how it works. Is there anyone I could contact
to discuss having a Freenet employee/specialist to review the search
warrant and police report and/or potentially hire as an expert witness. If
so, how much would you charge for that?

Any information or further contacts would be great. I didn’t see a phone
number on the website, so I figured i’d start with an email!

Thank you,

Hayley Rosenblum
Law Intern
Rosenblum, Schwartz, Rogers, & Glass P.C.
office: 314-862-4332
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