Arne Babenhauserheide <> writes:

> Hi Ivan, Dear Hackers,
> Aside from the web-apps part, Freenet can already provide everything you
> asked for.
> Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer <> writes:
>>   1. Content is available under censorship conditions, ideally even
>>      after connection to the Internet has been completely cut for a
>>      whole region.
> If you still have IP-based connections to people inside the region, this
> is the case, if you run a specialized darknet within that region (so
> content only gets replicated within the regional net).
> There are already tools to make automatic Freenet connections. Talk to
> Michael Grube (thesnark).
> For auto-spawning Freenet nodes when an application is started, see
> For communication with sub-5-minute latency from external programs, see
> (I submitted a project plan for improving this to NLnet which shows what
>  would have to be done for an uncensorable and attack resistant
>  news-network. It got into the short-list but wasn’t selected for
>  funding: )
>>   2. Censored content is made available within a reasonable time.
> Just ask someone to run
> PS: I’m only a few more hours away from being able to do proper Freenet
>     releases, so we can finally deploy improvements to the freenet core
>     again.

PPS: See
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