Robert John Morton (2017-02-20 08:19:36 -0300) wrote:

> Dear CENO team:
> An extremely worth-while and timely project. I wish you well.
> I think that the deliberate exclusion of sites from popular search engine
> listings is one of the worst forms of censorship on the Web. Perhaps the
> only way to combat this is to create a search engine that has no commercial
> or political motives behind it: an "open source" search engine if you like.
> But it would have to be made popular and that's the difficult part.
> More determined censoring, I suppose, is where a particular government
> blocks content at specific IP addresses from entering its jurisdiction. I
> imagine that a set of obscured relays could manage this by making censored
> content available via unblocked addresses. This could, however, end up as a
> cat and mouse chase in which the content consumer would have to be able to
> hop quickly to ever-changing unblocked IP addresses.
> Many difficult problems but well worth overcoming.

Thanks for your reply, Robert.  The search engine issue is one aspect I
hadn't reflected upon, and it may indeed have very broad consequences
given the way the web is used nowadays.

Thanks again for your comments!

Ivan Vilata i Balaguer
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