> Welcome to Darwin!
> My-Computer:~ Bob$ chmod +x run.sh
> chmod: run.sh: No such file or directory
> My-Computer:~ Bob$ ./1run.sh start
> -bash: ./1run.sh: No such file or directory

> All the files from the .tar file ARE on my HD,  Location is
> ~Users/Bob/Backup Items/Software/Freenet/freenet07

Did you cd into the installation directory?

You are in ~Users/Bob, so this should work:

cd Backup\ Items/
cd Software
cd Freenet
cd freenet07


cd Backup\ Items/Software/Freenet/freenet07

Does the command 'chmod' work on your box? 

Test this with: chmod --help

It should provide you some information. It should work:

Just try chmod +x run.sh again after changing into the right directory

> Also, please answer the other questions I asked:  And I'm still
> unclear about using this-I see alist of "tools", do I need something
> else to use FN? I want to keep this as simple as possible. 

When you've got Freenet running:
 - start your web browser
 - go to

You've got a working installation when this works.

On version 0.7 you need references (connections with other users).
Please read "Important note for first time users" at

That's all to make it work.

There are some tools, like Frost and Thaw. These are easy to use. Frost
is something like a news reader and Thaw is something like kazaa. It is
a good idea to use these two applications. 

Please keep in mind that you'll find all kinds of stuff on Freenet.
Think twice before you view something. There are horrible things that
you don't like to see. It's a reason why I don't use Freenet anymore.

> Also, the FAQs do not say how much storage space must be dedicated to
> FN. I assume I can choose an external drive?

You are talking about the store-file (it's some kind of swap space). I
started with 500 M. Last time I configured it using 2 G.

It is possible to use an external drive. 

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