oregonrebel at gmail.com wrote:
>   I can't install FN on Mac OS X 10.4.9.
> I unzipped the archive into a folder, but when I type "
> ./bin/1run.sh
> ./run.sh start
> "
> in Terminal, I get this message:
> *-bash:
> ./bin/1run.sh
> ./run.sh start
> : No such file or directory*
> The instructions say " Basically, all you need to do is make a directoy
> for freenet, unpack the tarball into that directory, change the
> permissions so that you can read write and execute as user (non-root) in
> thet directory and run the start script using the following commands : "
> ./bin/1run.sh
> ./run.sh start
> "
> What am I doing wrong? And I'm still unclear about using this-I see a
> list of "tools", do I need something else to use FN? I want to keep this
> as simple as possible. Also, the FAQs do not say how much storage space
> must be dedicated to FN. I assume I can choose an external drive?

It's probably something simple. Don't panic!

do this:
ls -lh ./bin/1run.sh
you should see whether the file actually exists and its size. If the file 
doesn't exist
then it's possible that you are running your commands from a wrong directory. 
Make sure
that you change your directory to whereever you've installed your Freenet to. 
If the
filesize is somehow 0, then something was wrong with your download/install 
process. Try again.
                  - Volodya

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